I love being a member of the Visible Women Tribe because it is a nice group of like-minded women. We support and empower each other to reach our goals and when you need help or lose motivation a little, it’s excellent to have a group to go back to and get a little pat on the shoulder.






Petra Navel

Business English Coach

There is an infectious, encouraging and empowering energy amongst the Visible Women Tribe – whether it's asking for feedback, engagement on posts, supporting each other's events or simply sharing a much-needed laugh! I love being part of an enriching network filled with passion-driven businesswomen determined to make an impact and make a profit! Being part of this group has been immensely valuable on my road to VISIBILITY.

Lọ́lá Béjidé

Early Careers Strategist

Visible Women Tribe is a beautiful sisterhood, a global sisterhood where women show up strong and support one another. We learn, support and grow together, oh and we laugh and have fun as well. I love being around like-minded women!






Kim Boudreau Smith

Public Speaking & Leadership Coach

What can you expect as a

Visible Women Tribe member

  • Exclusive access to our private online members only group

  • Peer group support and accountability from like-minded women

  • Business networking opportunities

  • Free access to monthly virtual social meetups

  • Exclusive member discounts on products and services

  • Collaboration and partnership opportunities within the community

  • Opportunities to host your own Visible Women Tribe event

I've been part of this group for a few months and here I've found lots of brilliant like-minded women who generously share their knowledge and insights to help each other. It's a fantastic place to be, very supportive and welcoming - you should definitely join us too!




Julia Kermode

Founder, IWork

There is a true sisterhood to the Visible Women Tribe. A feeling that we are all connected through our shared desire to show up in the world to be seen, to be valued and to make a positive impact. I'm forever grateful to Mildred Talabi and the rest of the Visible Women Tribe for making this so special. To my fellow visible women, I want you to know that I see you, I hear you and I salute you.

Sharon Aneja

Resilience & Leadership Coach

Being part of this group allowed me to embrace being me on social media. It is impactful seeing other strong, bold, powerful and visible women too following their passion and creating impact in the world.





Ivy Ngwa

Mindset Empowerment Coach

Membership Fees


I never dreamed of finding a tribe of sisters where I felt l truly belonged and could be my authentic self. I love the spirit of 'camaraderie', 'yes you can' support, love, laughter, passion & compassion. If I need my sisters, they'll be there! Support throughout my journey has kept me focused and way more visible than I could have imaged. I've grown in confidence, changed my thoughts to change my life and I'm powerfully attracting more good people & opportunities.

Janet Houlis

HR Change Management Consultant

I have been part of the Visible Women Tribe from the beginning and it has been so powerful to share thoughts and gain advice from such a strong group of like-minded women. They have been there to support all the way and helped get me through the pandemic lockdown periods. Things can only get better!





Liz Hobbs

Executive Leadership & Communication Coach

This group is like a family. All the women here share valuable information that help each other grow and boost confidence. Through this group, I have met some amazing women!








Eugenie Tano

Cyber Security Awareness & Social Media Consultant


Mildred Talabi

Being in the Visible Women Tribe is belonging to a fantastic group of women who genuinely support each other in manifesting their business visions. Members’ advice has been outstanding and Mildred Talabi, the founder of the group, is not only an expert in leading women to become visible, but has an uncanny ability to attract members who possess the same warmth, genuine care and supportiveness that she herself displays. Visible Women Tribe is a unique place to be. It’s helping me to become more visible so that I can better serve others!

Gilda Joffe

Performance & Mindset Coach

The pandemic led me to Mildred Talabi which led me to this fabulous group of go-getter gals who are fun, ambitious and amazing! We all have had extraordinary journeys and we all support and celebrate victories but have a ready ear during the struggle! You don’t have to be a superstar to join, you just need to be ready for a change!







Kris Diasio

Special Education Coach

No (Wo)man is an Island. Having worked alone as a freelancer for the past 13 years, I was ready to open myself to new opportunities. Little did I know that I was going to meet Mildred Talabi and become a Visible Woman! Working with her has been a gamechanger. I'm part of a phenomenal group of brilliant and engaging women who are making a difference in our world. It's an impactful change.






Mental Fitness and Self-Care Coach

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